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School Balls

School Ball nights are our busiest nights of the year so BOOK EARLY!

Graduations and Prom Nights are a once in a lifetime event so make sure you arrive in style!

Before booking your limousine we would advise that you do the following :

1. View the limousine you are booking, as there are vast differences in quality from one company to another, if you are unable to view the limousine then get confirmation that the limousine you have seen on their website or in their advert is the limousine you will get on the day.


2. Make sure you collect a deposit from everyone in your party, the last thing you want is to be out of pocket if someone drops out. Always collect the balance well before the date of your prom,
at least then if somebody does drop out you have the opportunity to find a replacement.

3. Dont book what appears to be a bargain priced limousine, unfortunately there are some people in the limousine business who will take your booking, and then when they get a customer willing to pay a higher price they will cancel your booking, and with prom nights being so busy you may not be able to book
a replacement limousine by the time you find out.

4. Book early, every year a lot of people are disappointed as they cannot book the limousine they had set their heart on.